Gain Valuable SEO From Strategic Creative Video SEO

As many SEO experts know, it’s very tough to gain a competitive advantage today without strong link building and social media engagement.

Here at Charu Interactive, we have found that, by far, the best way to gain links and social shares that outshine the competition is through unique video production and video SEO techniques.


Video SEO Planning Stage: How To Get Best Results (For SEO and Conversions)

#1 – What’s the goal of the campaign – Clear goals are as crucial in the planning stage as the execution of the video itself.  If you set the wrong goal, the execution usually won’t matter.   Is your goal to increase conversions, increase awareness of your brand, tell your story…  etc.   Once you’ve chosen the overall goal of the video you are half way there!  If you don’t, you are most likely not going to succeed.

#2 – Write a script for your video that is meaningful, enticing and accomplishes the goal of the campaign

#3 – Shoot the video (yeah..  it needs to be done or it’s all just talk)

#4 – Edit the video in a tasteful manner

#5 – Launch it on your website (host it preferably, but using a video host like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook is also a good choice.  However, for maximum SEO value, self-hosting your video is the ideal choice.

#6 – Start the PR/Outreach/Promoting (and don’t forget to use SEO and Rich Snippet best practices) – This is where you usually need a content marketing expert, but can be done on your own if you know what you’re doing (search for content marketing best practices).  It’s recommended, however, to use content marketing experts for this, in order for the exposure of your great video to be as effective as possible.


Link Building & Social Sharing Benefits

As Kissmetrics pointed out in this Guide To Video SEO article this is not a new concept by any means, but it is still a very under-utilized content marketing method.  The links and social shares that you gain from a well planned and executed Video SEO campaign far outweigh another other content marketing efforts.  This has been shown to be true many times.  For example, Dollar Shave Club’s ultra viral launch video proved this concept:


No other media (content) online is as attractive to people as video.  When you combine the viral nature of a well-planned and well-executed video with a smart SEO and Outreach plan around it, the result can be very powerful SEO gains.



Affordable Video SEO Content Marketing Programs?

What holds many advertisers back is the idea that Video SEO is more expensive than other SEO and content marketing techniques.  We strongly disagree with this, because the resulting link building and ROI that you receive from Video SEO is so much higher than standard content marketing (infographics, blogging, article writing, social media posting etc).  We, therefore, developed an affordable Video SEO program that works on an affordable monthly fee basis, similar to an SEO management fee.

If you are interested in a new and exciting SEO program (including Video SEO), we have monthly plans that are only $1000 more per month than our standard non-video Web Presence/SEO programs).  These programs all include the strategy, script, high definition professional video shoot and the PR/Outreach/SEO as a creative boost to your SEO and complete online marketing strategy.  It also includes all our standard SEO efforts.  The combination is very effective.  When you consider the huge potential ROI and exposure that you get from a well executed Video SEO program, this is a very affordable option and we recommend that all our clients choose this path.



Are you looking to get an edge on your competition?

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*Monthly SEO Campaign fees depend on the scope of the work and hours of work.  Contact us for a custom quote for your website/business.

Last Updated on September 6, 2021 by Charu Interactive

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