E-Commerce SEO 101: 8 Key Factors to Work on Immediately

Many of the most important concepts in SEO are also the simplest. Here are 8 basic ways you could improve your search engine rankings:

  1. Develop user-friendly site architecture with well placed internal links

Organizing your site design in a logical and user-friendly manner will improve both crawlability and conversion rates. Category-based navigation is always a good strategy.

  1. Mobile is the new king

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, creating one should be your number one SEO priority–the growing importance of mobile is unlikely to stop anytime soon, and websites that fail to recognize this will fall behind.

  1. Handle product variation carefully

Products that vary based upon detail (i.e. plain blue baseball cap vs. plain red baseball cap) should not be given their own product pages, as this causes search engines to flag sites for duplicate content.

  1. Use original product descriptions

On a similar note, never copy product descriptions straight from product manufacturers–this will also bring up flags. The ideal system would be to write original product descriptions for all items.

  1. Let your customers add reviews

Allowing your customers to add reviews offers two distinct benefits. Reviews increase search engine visibility because they deliver freshness and original content. (They also do this at no cost, one might add!) Additionally, reviews tend to increase conversion rates, as they help foster trust.

  1. Use readable URLS

The best URLS (from both an SEO perspective and an audience engagement perspective) are easily read and/or spoken by humans. Excessively long URLs are bad, and URLs that use random numbers and characters rather than words are even worse.

  1. Use SEO tools

Google Webmaster is a great tool, available for free, that can help you identify SEO problems while providing insightful feedback. There are a variety of other tools available (such as search metrics and deep crawl,) that can help you address specific issues with your SEO strategy. Don’t be afraid to invest in these programs, as they can help bring your SEO campaign to a new level.

  1. SEO and conversion must work hand in hand in order to facilitate successful e-commerce

SEO is ultimately useless if your site is unable to produce conversions–which is why one of the premier goals of any website should be providing a quality user experience that will facilitate sales.

Last Updated on September 6, 2021 by Charu Interactive

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