We find that it is sometimes difficult for designers to explain the steps they go through while creating a product or visual.  The process they go through is very personal and sometimes too complex to explain to a non-creative person.

This is why we wanted to create a visual explanation that helps explain all the steps a designer goes through while conceptualizing an idea into a design.

Also, in order to make it even more comprehensive and engaging, we thought we’d compare it to a product everyone knows about and uses on a daily basis, COFFEE!  Coffee is not only a designer’s friend in the workplace, but it also has a common history with the communication and advertising industry.

You can find out more on this study on How the process of making coffee is similar to the creative process in Advertising and what it says about communication todayin the full detailed study here .

Here’s the infographic that illustrates how the production and making of coffee and the creative design process are similar:



Last Updated on September 6, 2021 by Charu Interactive

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