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Instagram: Integrating Video in Your Social Media Marketing

As we know, the social media landscape is constantly evolving. Currently, social media platforms are looking to maximize engagement from their users. For example, algorithm-built feeds have been integrated opposed to chronological ones. When it comes to upping your social media marketing strategy, innovation is key! Video content has become more valuable and utilized in various formats on each social media platform.

We have created a series on how to maximize videos for your company. Each month, we’ll release a short guide on how to take advantage of the best video features you may not be using on your social platforms. Check out this month’s tips on Instagram Video features that will engage your users and elevate your brand.

Press Play on Instagram

Since 2016, Instagram has rolled out new measures and features to allow marketing and businesses to thrive. In 2019 alone, over 72% of IG users admitted to purchasing a product they saw on their feeds. This means that engagement and brand awareness is as prominent as selfies and Santorini pics—users are embracing the flow of business and will eagerly engaged if the content speaks to them.

As Insta utilization is on the rise, so are the ways to get to potential customers. While Snapchat may have pioneered the “story”, Instagram managed to take it and run, with over 500 million stories going live on the platform each day. While you may be familiar with the promotion of regular posts, which appear on a user’s feed, stories appear at the top of a user’s screen, and chronologically capture an active series of snapshots and videos.


IG – Go Live!

Do you have a big event going on? Maybe a new product or service to introduce, or perhaps a giveaway? Try going live on your company’s IG story. Your followers will be notified the moment you start streaming, and you can answer questions live as they come in to actively engage with your following.


Instagram Highlights

The introduction of the Instagram highlight has made it so you no longer have to say goodbye to a great IG story after a mere 24 hours. After posting a video on your story, save it to you IG archive and create a highlight, which is a fixed story that stays on your IG account page. What’s great about the highlight is that you can categorize your highlights by combining related stories or archived pictures into one spot, regardless of when you posted the story. Creating a series of different highlights allows users to see what you’ve had on your stories even if they couldn’t make it for the live thing, as well as gives you the opportunity to further refine your page with a stylistic touch.

By creating thoughtful and well-produced video content, you’re paving the way for users inside and outside of your circle to get to know your business, and you’re helping to humanize the brand behind the screen. Instagram’s video features are designed for seamless creation and integrating your brand’s image, so get creative and press record!

Last Updated on November 20, 2019 by Charu Interactive

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