Why You Need to Be Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s common for many businessmen and women to create a real budget to see how the company’s resources can be put to good use. However, in many cases, you may find that your various marketing strategies are just not enough. So, what do you do when you come across this challenge?

Now, you need to consider adding videos to your marketing plans carefully. Here, it’s important to highlight that in the year 2016, video moved from being just any other optional marketing method to a crucial one. Various businesses used and it led to increased sales and profits!


What Is The Importance Of Using Videos In Marketing?

Interestingly, using videos in marketing has one of the best returns on investment. Marketing statistics from Hubspot even showed that shoppers stand a greater chance of buying your products through watching video advertisements. Marketers who grabbed this opportunity have enjoyed almost 49% increase in revenue. Also, 52% of these investors described the use of videos as a technique that brings a tremendous return on investment (ROI).

If you go deeper into the subject, you’ll also find encouraging reports from leading websites such as Forbes. Here, it shows the importance of using videos. It says that 65% of all business executives visit different vendor sites after watching a clip. Besides, 80% of them watch many online videos today which is a significant increase from last year.

So in 2017, the world of videos has slowly transformed and evolved to suit the needs of every business. If you’re not using it in your company, then you’re missing out on an exciting and fruitful opportunity.

Below are some video marketing methods for all types of brands:


Some Video Marketing Methods


  • Use of Facebook Videos


Facebook is arguably the largest social media network of today. While it makes communication very quick and straightforward, it also provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to maximize on profits. In 2016, the social media site heavily invested in allowing its subscribers to use videos through its new feature called Facebook live.

Since introducing this feature for all newsfeed statuses, the brand has seen its total daily views move from just 1 billion to a shocking value of 8 billion! Videos are more interactive methods of marketing and companies which use them can bear witness to the great success that it brings to the table. Most importantly, it creates trust between their current and potential customers!

If you choose to use this strategy, there are a few tips which you’ll need to remember. First, keep in mind that videos attract many people. As the year progresses, we’ve seen more and more clips being uploaded, searched and viewed on the social media website. Start using video status updates today by posting them on your company’s Facebook page, and you’ll grab all your customers’ attention!

Do you have doubts? Here, the question you’ll need to ask yourself is pretty simple. If Facebook used this method and succeeded, how much would it add to your business?



  • Increased Live Videos




Well, Facebook is not the only company which loves to use live videos. Just last year (2016) another social media platform, Twitter introduced twitter vid.png periscope. The program allows users to make use of embedded broadcasts on their tweets. These live clips come once, so it’s better to view them immediately they appear.

More than 80% of all Twitter users watch videos regularly. Such means that tweets with embedded videos can reach a greater number of people than in past times.



  • Sales Team’s Video Resources


Customers love to watch videos. They present easy and digestible information that’s also very entertaining. Using video production technologies allows your clients to watch different product demos from anywhere. Nowadays, this has become more productive than actually seeing and even using the commodity in person.

Remember that consumers don’t enjoy going through manuals or interacting with salespeople. Studies from Wyzowl show that 44% of customers opt to learn about a product through watching a video about it. Only 4% choose to read manuals, and 5% prefer talking to someone on the phone.

360-degree videos and live videos are the most popular and create one of the best consumer interactions. Adding it to your businesses’ marketing strategy is an intelligent marketing move of 2017!



  • How About The Multi-Channel Marketing Method?


Nowadays, just creating a video and posting it on YouTube is not enough. Because of increasing value when it comes to business marketing, you’ll need to share it across different online platforms. Consumers want to watch your company’s videos. How can you share it with all of them if you only use it on one video or social media network?

As using clips continues to increase consumer attention, and we expect the trend to continue even as we approach the end of the year. Also, with the growing use of smartphone devices, your clients can now view them quite quickly!



  • Making Full Use of Video Applications


It’s clear that smartphones are slowly replacing computers in several ways. Nowadays, consumers can only browse the internet and view a clip from just their cell phones. An entire generation of such people has grown up using this quick technology. We refer to them as Generation Z, and they love visual content and apps. The growing use of apps over the past couple of years has led to a beneficial app development area.

So, why should you use these apps? First, they get available online content in front of your customer’s eyes immediately. Second, today’s shoppers do not want to keep waiting so that they may consume content. Also, they don’t want to go looking for product reviews and information. The whole process is even tiresome, and videos simply make their work easier!

There are two types of exciting video apps today. These are Snapchat and Instagram. Consumers of Generation Z, that is, people who fall between the ages of 13 and 24 are mostly fixed on these apps. For instance, they watch close to 10 billion clips on Snapchat and Instagram each day. Instagram goes further in allowing the sharing of more videos through its newly created Instagram Stories program.


A Few Growing Trends in 2017



Above are just the top 5 methods on how you can improve your company’s sales through the use of videos in marketing. However, there are also some growing practices when it comes to how we share and view videos this year.


Use of Vlogs

These are just an improvement of the traditional blogs. If you live around young people, this term may sound familiar. As we’ve previously mentioned, you consumers do not want to keep going through significant texts of product information. Yes, using blogs is still an effective method of SEO, but those blogs which incorporate the use of videos get more engagement, attention, and sharing.


You Can Also Decide To Use Crowd-Funding Videos

Here’s a great fundraising technique that’s popular in both large and small industries. It only asks people to make some small donations. By using videos, you can capture the main story of the product, project or services which is owned by the organization. It also highlights the cost of creating the plan to bring a commodity to the market. Lastly, it tracks down the entire progress of the fundraising.

There’s a lot we can do to improve how we handle our businesses so that we may earn more profits. Proper marketing goes a long way in ensuring that your company grows its sales by attracting more consumers. Today, the best marketing method is using videos, and through the methods mentioned above, you can quickly grab hold of this fantastic opportunity. Keep in mind that as the head of the marketing team or as the company C.E.O, your primary duty is to make sure that it succeeds!

Last Updated on June 21, 2018 by Charu Interactive

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