Fated in the Stars: How Online Reviews Make or Break Your Business

In this day and age, we find that there is an increasing trend in the way that business reputations take the spotlight in the world of marketing. It is important to note that this can be both in a good or bad way. Good reputations enable a business to convey increased levels of credibility. This, in turn, leads to such businesses commanding more trust from their customers. On the other hand, a soiled reputation breeds lowered visibility of a business in results from search engines. This, in the long run, causes the ripple-effect of distrust from potential customers and loss of current customers.

This having been said, it is unfortunate that most companies in the US and across the globe generally seem to ignore the impact that online reviews could have on the welfare of their businesses. This is because they mostly put their business websites into use as mere tools for product and service advertisements. The problem arises when they do this without paying much attention to the “reviews” section. It is indeed true that making the public aware of the unique services and brands that are offered in a business is essential towards the success of that business’ marketing efforts. However, it is high time that business managers and owners open their eyes to the harsh reality – there is a gold-mine in online reviews and they have the power of making or breaking a business!

Reviews provide great insights in the manner in which you can grow your business. In addition to this, they enable you to identify what does not work and what you should stop. Positive reviews could be viewed as a voice of recognition from customers of a job well done. They also act as a great influence towards the buying behaviors of other customers. On the opposite end of things, negative reviews are a form of a voice of dissatisfaction from customers about some particular aspects of your business. They should act as a guide for you on what to change in order to curb future set-backs that could arise from negative reviews.

Below is some in-depth insight into some of the ways in which business reviews can break or make your business:


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Online Reviews Can Reinforce or Destroy a Business` Credibility

With the increase in availability and accessibility of the internet, customers are increasing their online research of services and goods. This is a trend that has been noticed especially before they commit their money to making any purchases. This has further been cemented by social media’s advent which is another platform that most people take to submitting reviews about various products and services.

In light of this, you find that consumers have made the habit of analyzing reviews in order to acquire a more vivid glimpse of your services or products. The reviews that they come across are one of the major factors that are incorporated in the making of decisions. This influence comes alive more so when making decisions regarding whether or not your services or goods will offer them the best value for their money.

Therefore, in the event that your business has had a good string of reviews, then the chances of your business being credible in the eyes of consumers are high. Customer loyalty and increase in the subscription to your products and services are likely to follow such an impression. However, in case your business has had a greater amount of negative reviews, it is likely to put the success of your business in great jeopardy. New consumers will be put off by the dipping status of your credibility and this will lead to loss of purchases of your services and products at massive levels. This could well be the beginning of the end for your business.


They Can Increase Transparency and Trust or Crash Them

Trust and transparency often times go hand in hand. Most businesses go wrong in this sector by concentrating on only touting their businesses as being the very best in the industries in which they fall under. Marketing the great qualities of your business without paying any attention to what is said in your business’ reviews will do you a lot of disservice. This is because consumers have laid their trust in online reviews at significantly higher levels than any other type of media format. This is a trend that is growing more with each passing day and thus should act as a wake-up call for business owners.

Positive business reviews have more transparency compared to what your own words and descriptions regarding your services and products. They are better placed to win consumers’ trust in your business. Therefore, they should be the main focus of your efforts during your marketing strategies. On the other hand, negative reviews will be trusted more by consumers. This is in comparison to the great things you might have posted about your products and services. Trust in your business will be lost as long as the reviews lead the consumers to a negative path. Therefore, you should focus your efforts on working on the issues raised in these negative reviews. This is mainly because of the irreplaceable role that they play in the decision-making process of consumers.


Online Reviews Increase the Ranking of Your Website

A great online reputation is one of the most potent strategies that any business could have up its sleeve. Favorable online reviews and feedbacks are likely to instill more confidence and trust than any other marketing frameworks that you could put in place. In regard to this, you find that businesses that have given customers a platform for airing their views normally end up with boosted organic search rankings in diverse search engines.

This is because, with any fresh review, you are provided with the chance of publishing unique content regarding that specific product on your website. This results in an increase in online authority. This further interprets to better chances of increasing your web pages’ ranks. In a nutshell, reviews of your products, as well as the search queries that are specific to your services and products, accord your business better search visibility.

Reviews Can Allow a Business to Take Corrective Action

Online reviews can be viewed as validation means that could assist you in gauging the effects that changes could have on your services and products. Reviews are majorly the true voice of what your consumers really feel about your services and products. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is prudent to monitor the reviews that are submitted by your consumers. They can shed some light on the best trends in the current market. In addition to this, they depict the relevant and necessary aspects that you should add to your business. This is one of the best sources of ideas and solutions to any upgrades or new products and services.

In case your business does not have a platform for receiving reviews, then its progress will be heavily hampered. You will be missing out on one of the best methods of finding out the ailing elements and sectors in your business. It is prudent for you to activate a feedback and reviews option on your website and engage your customers and prospects on social media.


It is common knowledge that business reviews are among the major tools that customers around the world use to make decisions such as what they should buy, sell, eat among many other consumer-based decisions. Since they play a major role when consumers need to narrow down the choices of what they go for, reviews should not be taken for granted by business managers and owners.

Positive reviews can be all the marketing strategy than any business could incorporate to attract myriads of consumers. On the other hand, even a single negative review could be tantamount to a certain type of product not being purchased. However, it is unfortunate that reviews are among the last items in the priority list of most businesses. In fact, it is worse in some businesses that have the perspective of reviews being like going to a dentist to receive a root canal. They are filled with dread when they simply think about them. This is a dangerous perspective especially when the impact that reviews have on a business cannot be emphasized enough.

This article has given some insight into some of the ways in which reviews can forge unrivaled success for a business or can be a source of its downfall. Maintaining a good reputation online is, therefore, something that all businesses should be keen on. Charu Interactive is an online marketing agency that has gotten reputation maintenance down to a fine art. Contact us today to learn more about our reputation management program!


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