Local SEO 101: 5 Important Things to Do to Rank Higher Quickly

Creating and sustaining great search engine rankings is much more than an overnight project. In fact, it requires consistent research, attention to detail, and content creation. That being said, there are a number of simple steps you can take to improve you search engine rankings in just one day. Consider adding the following improvements to your internet marketing agenda:

  1. Make it sharable. By simply adding social sharing buttons to your website, you can drastically increase the number of users who are exposed to your content. In fact, websites with social sharing buttons generate 7 times more mentions. Last but not least, there is an increasingly strong correlation between social signals (i.e. Likes and Shares) and search engine rankings.
  2. Make new friends Grow your social media following organically by participating in relevant online communities. Answer questions, add observations, and be generally helpful. This will help get your company’s name out there, and will likely draw a few interested users to follow you. With just thirty minutes or an hour of participation it’s possible to reach a very wide audience.
  3. Caption Your Images and Videos. Search engines can’t index the content of your images and videos—so help them out! Write detailed, original descriptions and taglines in order to reap the full benefit of all types of content.
  4. Create a Google+ page for your company. If you haven’t created one already, this should be priority number one. While Google+ isn’t the most popular network in terms of users, it is a great way to increase visibility and to show up on Google Maps—which can increase local traffic to your physical location.
  5. Submit your Content to Social Bookmarking sites. Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, and other social bookmarking sites direct millions of users to thousands of websites: submitting your website will only take a minute, and could pay off enormously.

Last Updated on June 21, 2018 by Charu Interactive

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