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The times when having a website was a novelty for most businesses has long passed.  The technology revolution is a highly competitive business market with virtually unlimited access to the internet for consumers has created a situation in which having an excellent and user friendly website is vital to the survival and success of every business.

What constitutes effective web design today?

website design company in chicagoSearch Engine Friendly Web Design – Simply having a website is not enough anymore.  It is important that your website is completely optimized to ensure that it is searchable (consumers find you when they search for you), and that it provides an enjoyable user experience.

Multi-device Friendly Web Design – With an average of 60% of all web traffic now stemming from mobile devices, it is crucial that your website functions well on all devices.  Consumers jump from multiple devices throughout the day and expect that your digital spaces are functional and easy to use. Google has also indicated on many occasions now that having a mobile friendly website is key if you want your website to rank high on their search results.  The latest Google mobile friendly announcement made it extremely clear that you need to have a mobile friendly website if you want to rank your website.  Especially, if you are in a competitive industry.

Great User Experience Web Design – Again, the key is user experience.  Fun and creative design is one thing, but if your potential new customer can’t find what they are looking for, or the functionality is slow or clunky, you often lose people before they are ready to buy.  Therefore, this is a key component to all the online marketing services we provide.  We constantly monitor and make sure that your web visitors are moving throughout your website with ease and can find what they are looking for.

Conversion Friendly Web Design – In the end, as a business, you are looking to improve your revenue. If people visit your website but don’t convert into a customer, then we have not achieved our goal.  Following best practices with conversion friendliness design, but also using real-time analytical data from your web traffic, is what we use to continually improve your website, which ultimately results in increased revenue for your business over time.

WordPress Web Design Chicago:

At Charu Interactive, we create sites primarily using the WordPress platform.  The reason that we prefer working with WordPress is that it is highly intuitive, flexible and SEO friendly, making it easy to optimize and maintain.

Increasing Revenue Earning Potential With Great Web Design

gain more revenue boosting web trafficMost business owners are not cognizant of the potential for lost revenue due to a poorly designed (or outdated) website that is not optimized for SEO or mobile use.  Therefore, many businesses are hemorrhaging money due to the fact that their site is not properly optimized.

We have the capacity to build a site that is completely search engine optimized and conversion optimized, which ensures that your site will show up in relevant organic searches and also convert the traffic once they get there. We also have the expertise to design and build a site that is completely optimized for today’s more updated mobile interactions. This is extremely important when you consider the fact that more than half of all Google searches happen now on mobile phones.  The last thing that you need is for visitors to arrive on your website and experience difficulty with navigating due to the fact that it is not optimized for mobile use.

The great news is that we create fast loading, highly converting, and stunning mobile responsive websites.  We also offer separate mobile website development, which has the potential to increase customer engagement and conversions exponentially.  They are both great strategies and we will consult with you on whether a responsive website or a separate mobile website is the best in your situation.

The Importance of Mobile User Experience Optimization

It is important to understand that mobile users are different in that they have different objectives than the average desktop user. What this means is that mobile users generally are looking to access information in a very expeditious manner, and they prefer to receive the information they access in small digestible bites. Many consumers report that many of their mobile purchases would be classified as impulse buys; therefore, the ability to quickly access what they are looking for is vital to ensure that the transaction is completed before the impulse dies.

Many times, when consumers run into difficulty on a specific website, they will simply exit that page and go to the next website.  However, a large portion of them will experience a dissipated impulse and simply give up.  This is why you want them to have quick access, but quick access means very little if it takes too long to work their way through your site to find the product or service that they are looking for.  Therefore, organization and structure of the website is a very important step in the website development process.

As time progresses, the number of people conducting mobile searches is rapidly increasing.  We have already reached the point in which there are more users conducting searches on mobile devices than there are on desktop computers.  Each day, over a billion users conduct searches on their mobile devices.  If your website is not properly optimized, this means that you are literally throwing away money and you’re losing market share to your competitors who are already ahead of the game.

Web Design That Helps Your Brand Engagement and Increases Conversions

seo in chicagoAnytime a customer encounters an enjoyable experience, it gives your brand a boost, and it increases the chance that the customer will return to your site, even if they don’t buy anything the first time around. Research has revealed that when a customer has a negative experience, they will rarely return to the site, even if they make a purchase during their initial encounter.
The numbers reveal that websites that are designed for desktop visitors don’t convert visitors to customers at a rate anywhere close to that of sites optimized to engage mobile users. Because of the complex navigation associated with desktop websites, mobile users often become frustrated and simply bounce off of the site.

Our website design team not only place a great deal of emphasis on the graphic design and aesthetic appeal of the site, but a great deal of attention is given to the usability and functionality of the site, providing a responsive website that has the capacity to engage any customer from any device. Charu Interactive ensures that each website design is in complete compliance with Google to ensure that your site will have the highest possible ranking in Google searches. This also ensures that your site will not be penalized for violating any of Google’s many algorithms.

The finished product that we deliver will be completely ready for your next online marketing campaign. You can schedule a free website project consultation with our design team today in order to address all of your website needs.


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