We follow a process (cycle), where we meet you and discover your needs, then we research and evaluate the best way for you to grow your business/brand online.

Next we execute on a mutually agreed upon strategy.

Finally, we assess the results and then the cycle starts back over and we connect with you to properly adjust and improve performance to your unique needs based on the results.

In short we:

  • Learn About Who Your Business & Your Overall Mission
  • Set Your Goals And KPI’s
  • Add Analytics To Track & Measure
  • Identify Target Market (who is your audience)
  • How Do You Connect/Resonate With Your Target Market
  • Analyze Your Past & Your Competition
  • Identify Your Means (realistic budget, resources etc)
  • Agree On Your Custom Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Launch The Strategy
  • Review Your Strategy/Results
  • Identify Adjustments Needed
  • Start Process Over (don’t stagnate – always stay ahead!)

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