Pay Per Click Optimization in Chicago

Pay Per Click Optimization: Increasing ROI Through Effective
Campaign Management

Selling products and services online has never been an easy task. Beyond a quality, structured website with well written content, you must implement an effective online advertising campaign that grows your customer base, drives return on investment and streamlines your marketing costs. Beyond normal search engine optimization, a structured pay per click campaign will help you generate immediate revenue for your business while increasing brand awareness.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Also known as PPC, this form of advertising is used by business owners to direct more traffic to their website. A business owner will place a clickable ad on a third party website (normally a search engine or social network) and will then pay a set dollar amount every time a browser clicks on the ad and enters their website.

When an advertiser wants to place a clickable ad on a search engine, they will bid with other advertisers for keywords relevant to their industry on the price they will pay for each individual click. Each individual advertisement that is created is centered around one keyword or keyword phrase, and when a user searches for that particular word, the advertisement will pop up next to the organic search results.

Why Isn’t My PPC Campaign Bringing More Revenue or Phone Calls?

If you’ve already implemented a PPC campaign and are not seeing the type of results you expected, there are a number of factors to consider:

Your Quality Score:

If you currently use Google for your pay per click campaigns, your quality score (A score between 1 and 10) is often a big factor that determines your PPC’s campaign success.  A higher quality score will garner better placement, more clicks (lower your cost per click) and ultimately a lower cost per lead.  More leads for your investment is usually the KPI for most businesses.

Your Bidding Strategy:

If you are manually maintaining your PPC campaign, you must constantly adjust your bid amount on a daily basis to get the best results.  At Charu, we use intelligent real-time bid optimization and conversion optimization software to make sure that you always get the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Advertisement Structure:

If your ad is showing up in search results but your CTR (click through rate) is very low, you might need to change the structure of your advertisement. This is normally done by changing the wording of the ads or potentially needing to adjust the Ad Groups and landing pages to be more relevant.

Determining what is causing your advertisements to perform poorly is not something easily done. Our state of the art real time bidding process can help alleviate the stress related with experimenting and spending hours adjusting the pay per click campaign yourself.

Which Keywords Will Bring The Most Revenue?

Keywords you use will depend on what type of business you own. If you fall into a highly competitive niche, such as travel or retail, you’ll have a very hard time converting customers with generic, broad keywords.

Long tail keywords are great for competitive niches. A long tail keyword is a combination of one, broad keyword and one or two more specific words. For example, if you specialize in Caribbean cruises, the actual keyword “Caribbean cruises” is too broad and won’t perform well. To garner more clicks you can add location specific words to the keyword. Building an advertisement around “Caribbean cruises Bahamas” or even “Virgin Island cruises” will drive more targeted traffic to your site and increase conversions.

Experimenting with long tail keywords is a long process. Many business owners spend hours and hundreds of dollars with the experimentation process alone. Our paid search team coupled with our state of the art conversion optimization technology will help you improve conversions, drive more quality traffic to your website and increase your ROI.

A Top Notch Team Combined With Advanced Metrics Tracking and Optimization Platform Equals Unrivaled Results Today And Long Term

Business owners who dive right into pay per click advertising often waste thousands of dollars and time better spent concentrating on the business itself. You can save thousands of dollars by getting a professional PPC team, such as Charu Interactive, to do the work for you.

High conversions, efficiency, high quality score development and unprecedented performance transparency keeps our clients smiling.

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