COVID-19: An Opportunity for Growth & Innovation

In the wake of recent global events (from the oil market instability and the new Coronavirus), an impacted business world in the US and worldwide is left scrambling. Small businesses, as well as corporations, across the United States of America & the world are experiencing the possibility of the first recession in over ten years. 

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The Inside Scoop with #TrueCharu

  Meet our Content Director We have created a new ‘inside-scoop’ interview series from our team of Marketing experts at Charu Interactive. They will give tips, advice & knowledge about their line of work & how you can up your social media game! This month we feature our Content Director Aalyiah Heath, who is a

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Push Play – Instagram: Integrating Video in Your Social Media Practices

  Instagram: Integrating Video in Your Social Media Marketing As we know, the social media landscape is constantly evolving. Currently, social media platforms are looking to maximize engagement from their users. For example, algorithm-built feeds have been integrated opposed to chronological ones. When it comes to upping your social media marketing strategy, innovation is key!

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Why You Should Be Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

To say that video media is everywhere these days is an understatement. When YouTube went live for the first time in 2005, nobody knew how many hours of content we would eventually consume and upload on a daily basis. Now, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and boasts a monthly watch time

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Marketing Automation Is Your Sales Team’s New Best Friend

If you run your own business, it’s hard enough to hand over the reins of a project to someone else, let alone a computer program, but doing so with marketing automation might yield a lot better results than you may think, as well as shave a lot of time off your already busy schedule. Marketing

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Make Things Personal – A Guide to Creating Branded Content

Harnessing the power of social media is a very important marketing strategy for any company which wants to be successful in the modern business world, however many companies make the mistake of failing to personalize their social media strategy to meet their own specific needs. When it comes to creating social media content, it is

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Facebook Live and Building the Customer Relationship

How Facebook Live is Disrupting Social Media Marketing For the Better – And How to Use It! The Age Of Social Media Business is forever changing and developing. New technology and ways of communicating and doing business are always emerging, changing the way you speak to customers, advertise your business and sell your product. New

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Podcasts That Will Change Your Business

Learn Marketing Strategy on the Go! Running your own business can be a demanding, time-consuming and at times stressful venture. There are lots of things to think about when starting off, and often even more to think about once you’re up and running. To adapt your company and achieve growth, it’s important to invest some

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