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When it comes to online marketing, you have a myriad of tactics and strategies you can use to promote your business. One promotion tactic that many online business use are infographics. To describe it as simply as possible, it is basically visual content. Because it uses a visual presentation in addition to content, it is more engaging and thus, more likely to get read by your audience.

A Visual Content that Can Help Your SEO, Blog Popularity, and Social Media Presence

You might be asking “why use infographics?” This is a tactic that works well whether you want to boost your SEO rankings, reputation (especially for a blog), or trying to grow your social media subscribers. In terms of SEO, pushing out your content and having it featured back to your site results in links and trust. You can say it can be part of your overall content marketing strategy.

In terms of social media and your blog, it will help you build more subscribers and followers. Because the visually rich content is so engaging, it is more prone to being shared by readers than regular articles. So if it is filled with great images, content, valuable information, and relevancy, it is very likely that it will get shared all throughout your marketplace. Of course, you will also have to do your part in promoting it.

5 Steps to Creating an Infographic

So how do we get started? While many people start with an idea that they think their audience will want, it’s a far better bet to produce the content backed by research. For instance, we see what topics, news stories and data is trending and really conduct market research to figure out the pressing topics of the target audience. This ensures that the time and money you invest into producing the content actually translates into traffic, links, followers, leads, and sales.

Next, we move on to the actual content. We pick the most viable topics and research it to produce something of high quality. The text of the content is written to build the foundation. If the actual text isn’t of value, there’s no point in creating the rest of the content in the first place. That’s because something eye catching only for readers only to let them down with subpar content only hurts your credibility.

To expand on that, we make sure that everything gets fact checked. You have to keep in mind that the content will be distributed all over the web. If your business or name is going to be on it and it is filled with false information, you’re basically telling everyone on the web that you are not a credible source. This can hurt your reputation, so using false statements and fake data only serves to work against you.

After fact checking, we rely on our designers to create visually appealing graphics and images to go along with the information. We want the content to really grab the attention of the reader. Then, we want to present the information with relevant images to support the information. The visual presentation is important because it organizes all the text and images making it easy to consume, understand, and get value out of the content.

Finally, the infographic is ready for client approval. Once any needed the adjustments are made, we promote it to our vast network of outreach partners. It’s simply not enough to share it to your existing network if the goal is to produce quick results. In many cases, the client has a small blog/social media audience and a lack of partners, so our network of partners turns out to be incredibly valuable.

Why The Benefits are Often Intangible

Many people ask about what kind of ROI they can expect. The reality is that it can be hard to measure ROI beyond the initial sales (and the other benefits mentioned earlier) that come in from the campaign. For example, the campaign can lead to an establishment of credibility in the marketplace and even large-scale brand exposure. It can help build relationships and even lead to free press if media picks up your content.

If you’re excited about getting started, contact us today to learn how we can leverage your infographic campaign with Search Engine Optimization, Reputation and Social Media.

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