Google Penalty Recovery & Compliance Service


Google Penalty Recovery addresses state-of-the-art Google Compliance algorithms that your website encounters everyday. Google Compliance issues for today’s Internet merchant or website owner need to be effectively addressed. Any problems that are found with Google’s Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird algorithms can be easily corrected. Charu Interactive’s Google Compliance and Google Penalty Recovery Service can help to identify any risks that are threatening your website search visibility and fix it within 45 to 90 days.

Google Penalty Recovery

Many of our clients come to us after experiencing a drop in traffic for their website and are uncertain about the cause of this change. We help to explain why this drop has occurred and what you and your company can do about it. We help to identify the risks that are threatening your online presence and help you to fix it. Our professional team can deliver a guaranteed recovery for your site and help to lift any penalty notification that has been imposed.

Your Internet Link Profile

Each website is given certain rankings within numerous websites that are similar to yours. Keywords are those that an online visitor uses to find the product or service that they wish to purchase. Search engines take the information from your website pages and determine if your site content is of a certain quality. Google uses several algorithms to rank and evaluate each website. These algorithms tap into the quality of your site pages, your compliance with certain Google webmaster guidelines or semantic search capabilities.

Google Penalty Recovery and Panda Rankings

Panda is the name of the Google algorithm that is used to find the quality of each website. Poor quality websites have content that is not readable or does not help an online visitor find what they are looking for. On page site content needs to be worthy of a search result position, according to Google. What a user came to see is important to have easily available. Good content is that which does the best job of supplying the largest demand. Content can be corrected by creating new pages for your site that are more Google compliant.

Google Compliance and Penguin Deficiencies

Penguin is another Google algorithm that refers to an update that targets websites which violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. Usually sites using black hat SEO techniques involved in artificially increasing the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to a particular page. This form of artificial ranking is called a link scheme. Penguin will pick up this type of issue, and the website will drop ranking. Compliance evaluations of your website can help to eliminate this type of violation and return your site to a higher ranking.

You may notice that your website is not receiving as many traffic visitors after your company has been noted with this type of violation. We can help to find the problem that has sent your site towards this sort of violation and help you to recover. Google continues to develop nearly daily updates for search engine rankings and for other code violations. You and your company will need to stay in compliance and will need to stay ahead of any new site deficiencies. We can help to keep your business up to date about the latest rules and regulations for Internet merchants. Avoiding any future penalties is important as well. We can help to find any potential deficiencies and can help you eliminate any future risk.

Hummingbird Semantic Searches

Hummingbird is another Google algorithm that is used frequently today. This is another search filter that helps to judge your website’s content. Semantic search is a modern method of evaluating which online shoppers are going to buy at your website. An online buyer’s intent is carefully analyzed by looking at the content strategy and the search criteria that a shopper uses before they buy. This type of shopping analysis is called semantic search, and the buyer’s intent or reason for buying your product or service is strategically evaluated. What a buyer is trying to find out through Internet search platforms is judged.

This type of shopper analysis can change, according to how a marketing company is packaging a specific product or service. Your search engine ranking can fall without any change in your product or service, other than your company has a lower ranking and your traffic has significantly declined. We can help to understand this type of traffic decline and can help you return to a higher search engine ranking.

Evaluation, Extraction and Penalty Recovery Tools

We use numerous site evaluations to find the reason why your site traffic has declined. We have the capability to fix sites with poor quality content, and we can update your Internet pages when they need to fit into new page criteria, for example. Making the right changes on your webpages is critical. Panda notations can be fixed and eliminated.

We can help with any webmaster violations that have been picked up by Penguin. Any penalty codes can be lifted quickly, and your online business can return to a profitable search engine position. Semantic search is often used today to evaluation an online buyer. Why a shopper buys from you is just as important today. Your website will need to be appropriately updated with this newer style of online marketing.

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