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Facebook Live and Building the Customer Relationship

How Facebook Live is Disrupting Social Media Marketing For the Better – And How to Use It! The Age Of Social Media Business is forever changing and developing. New technology and ways of communicating and doing business are always emerging, changing the way you speak to customers, advertise your business and sell your product. New

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Podcasts That Will Change Your Business

Learn Marketing Strategy on the Go! Running your own business can be a demanding, time-consuming and at times stressful venture. There are lots of things to think about when starting off, and often even more to think about once you’re up and running. To adapt your company and achieve growth, it’s important to invest some

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Why You Need to Be Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s common for many businessmen and women to create a real budget to see how the company’s resources can be put to good use. However, in many cases, you may find that your various marketing strategies are just not enough. So, what do you do when you come across this challenge? Now, you need to

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Local SEO 101: 5 Important Things to Do to Rank Higher Quickly

Creating and sustaining great search engine rankings is much more than an overnight project. In fact, it requires consistent research, attention to detail, and content creation. That being said, there are a number of simple steps you can take to improve you search engine rankings in just one day. Consider adding the following improvements to

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Web Design Layouts that Convert (And Also Rank Higher on Search Engines)

Success in the online world depends largely upon a delicate balance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  Both are extremely important, but both are worthless without the other—page views don’t matter if your page doesn’t inspire anyone to take action; and even the best page will fail to meet its goals

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Mobilegeddon: The Aftermath And Is It Still Going On?

Mobilegeddon: The Aftermath and Is it Still Going On? April 21st, 2015 was one of the most anticipated days in the history of SEO.  Google had announced a month earlier that the importance of mobile-friendliness would be expanded on that day, “greatly affecting search rankings.”  This lead SEO analysts to dub the day “Mobilegeddon” in

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E-commerce SEO 101: 8 Key Factors To Work On Immediately

E-Commerce SEO 101: 8 Key Factors to Work on Immediately Many of the most important concepts in SEO are also the simplest. Here are 8 basic ways you could improve your search engine rankings: Develop user-friendly site architecture with well placed internal links Organizing your site design in a logical and user-friendly manner will improve

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Rank Higher With Video SEO: Using Video To Gain Links And Social Shares

Gain Valuable SEO From Strategic Creative Video SEO As many SEO experts know, it’s very tough to gain a competitive advantage today without strong link building and social media engagement. Here at Charu Interactive, we have found that, by far, the best way to gain links and social shares that outshine the competition is through

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Coffee And The Creative Design Process

COFFEE AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS We find that it is sometimes difficult for designers to explain the steps they go through while creating a product or visual.  The process they go through is very personal and sometimes too complex to explain to a non-creative person. This is why we wanted to create a visual explanation that

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