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Content Creator - Aalyiah HeathWe have created a new ‘inside-scoop’ interview series from our team of Marketing experts at Charu Interactive. They will give tips, advice & knowledge about their line of work & how you can up your social media game!

This month we feature our Content Director Aalyiah Heath, who is a go-getter in the social media field. She is the creator of POPOUT, a zine that gives a fresh look at lifestyle, identity & culture through the Millennial lens. Aalyiah knows the ins & outs of the best social media practices. Her graphic design background and savvy eye gives her an edge above the rest—from text posts to video, she’s got an insider’s view of the evolving social media landscape. Check out some of her insights about the world of digital media marketing, and how you can elevate your social media practices.

How long have you been working in social/digital media?

I have been working in social media for 8 years. I was the social media community manager of a small boutique in Michigan, for my very first internship. Now 8 years later as the Content Director here at Charu Interactive, I have witnessed how the innovations of social media have now become the main tool for brands to succeed and converse with their consumer.

What brought you into this line of work?

As a millennial, social media basically encompasses you. It naturally happened for me because I evolved along with social media. At that internship in Michigan, I was not originally over social media, I was the visual merchandiser. Since this was a small startup, I had to have my hands on all parts of the company and social media was one. I began to do the posts when needed, then eventually evolved into the official ‘social media manager.’ This actually wasn’t a term used during that time period.

While working at this internship, I studied fashion design & realized I was interested in designing but not necessarily clothes. As I continued my studies, I went to graduate school and I decided to major in Global Communications. That is where I cultivated my skills in media & came to befriend branding through social media.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen across the social media landscape in the past year?

In the past year I’ve noticed the increase in video content. Rather it be professional video content or even just behind the scene stories, videos are the new image. Video content has increased because the average persons attention span has decreased.

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Along with video content, subtitles are used often as well, which makes total sense. When a user watches a video on social media the sound is usually off. Subtitles allow the viewer to still follow along without sound. I think this will only increase as time continues.

Is there anything you feel like businesses could do to improve their social media traffic?

Social media has become the platform for EVERYTHING. You can shop, post personal experiences, and so much more all through one application. It is now the place where you can have a community without even leaving your home. Social media has also allowed the user to have the power through just one click. It has opened conversation directly from user to brand.

With that being said, it is crucial for the team members of a business to really be involved with their social media content & strategy. This helps for organic content & engaging posts. When a brand highlights their office atmosphere, employee spotlights or even customer appreciation posts, it engages viewers. Viewers LOVE to know what their favorite company is like. Users usually want the ‘inside scoop’ because they want to be sure the brand is authentic & that the company principles align with theirs. Therefore, showcasing your brands core mission is a win win!

What are some common mistakes businesses make when it comes to social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing Tips

There are many social media features and platforms that companies don’t utilize fully. Sometimes companies may be under or over utilizing features just because they are available to them. In order for a business to properly utilize the right apps & features they have to understand their audience so that they can target them properly.

I think a huge hit or miss can be using the The ‘Live’ Feature. If planned properly this feature can bring in much engagement. Going Live allows for the brand to engage with their followers in that exact moment.

Also, companies forget that each social media plan should be tailor made for what their goals are. Just because one company is doing something it honestly may not be for a different company. I always advise my clients to STAY IN THEIR LANE & BE GREAT AT IT!

What’s a best kept secret for anyone looking to step up their social media game?

Hmm. The best kept secret is promotions & ads! This is good for individuals as well as brands. As individual users it might feel embarrassing to promote and showcase self BUT this allows a wider connection & reach. For businesses this is super crucial. This helps build an organic audience, increases reach & engagement and opens the door for more leads! And what company doesn’t want more leads!

Oh one BIG secret is that your employees are your personal social media influencers. When you get your employees involved with sharing posts or talking about the brand, that’s what I call FREE PROMOTION! Now you have access to their audience.

Final Advice?

I always remind myself that I am not perfect so there will be mistakes. The most helpful thing to remember is to bounce back – FAST and to never quit learning. Social media evolves constantly but you have to be open to these changes. Never be afraid to learn new methods and test them out, it only makes you better.

Sometimes social media may cause anxiety & confusion but remember it is a tool here to help! Utilize it to your advantage and if you feel it’s becoming overwhelming it’s okay to pause on it or schedule posts. You’re the boss!

To Follow Aalyiah, check out her Social Sites below:

Instagram: aalyiah_heath

Pinterest: aalyiahnicole23

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